About me and you and this website

The short version of my self introduction online is often:
Austrian, Anthropologist, Artist


That was not always the case. Creativity was always part of me and my life, but there were long periods when I ignored and neglected this part of me.


After a longer dry spell my inner artist was slowly reawakened to new life – through God’s healing, liberation and inspiration. But also through difficult times and upheaval, which showed me that I had neglected an important part of myself.


That’s why it is a big concern for me to help you experience the same healing and freedom through / for the arts, so that you too can revive your inner artist and develop a holistic life and spirituality.


Early art instructions as a teenager with Dolf Scheweder
Early art instructions as a teenager with the artist Dolf Scheweder in Italy

About the artist

I am Austrian, born in Vienna, living presently in Upper Austria. I’m a cosmopolitan who lived in more countries than I care to remember. For some time my tagline was – I live in three continents but do not have a home on either one. After working for 20 years in Africa, the nomadic life style became too much for me. This was the moment my artist had been waiting for to reemerge. And it was the moment God had been working towards, through healing and liberating me, little by little, and thereby giving me the courage to stay true to my calling – slowly turning my former hobby into a full-time occupation. (I am still in transition, slowly bringing my present employment to a good closure.)


During these years when my inner artist was buried, I was involved in different types of work: plastic engineering, church work, conference logistics, linguistics, sociolinguistic research, cultural anthropology and consulting.


My main interests include understanding other people and cultures, the beauty of nature – sunsets, clouds, birds; my different expressions of art include painting, drawing, photography and of course dance, including worship dance; being a believer, following the Messiah, living in God’s presence and glorifying God through my life and art are central to me. Based on my own experience, I have a passion for helping other people find healing and liberation through Immanuel (meaning “God with us”) and developing their gifts to glorify God.


Artist Statement

For many years, painting was an enjoyable but expendable add-on. At least that’s what I thought. Meanwhile I realized that being an artist is an important part of who I am and painting has become a necessity for me. When I am not painting, I cease to flourish. My art is also an expression of a God-given gift. I want to glorify God and bless people through my art. Sometimes it is a reflection of beauty in nature, at other times it grows out of a desire to express and communicate spiritual realities, inviting others to explore and discover the visible and invisible reality as I see and experience it.


A recurring theme in my paintings are spiritual pictures that helped my own healing and understanding of spiritual realities. My desire is to help others paint their own spiritual pictures, ideas, memories, God encounters, visions, goals, etc. Such pictures are a form of remembering, celebrating and appreciating of impressions and experiences, and thereby they can play a vital role in our healing.

About the work

For the last fifteen+ years, aquarelle watercolors were and are still my main medium. Once in a while I dabbled with pastels. In 2012-13 I started painting with acrylic paint and depending on size and subject, I will return to it. In 2013-14 I added tempera, gouache and oil to my palette. Time will tell whether any of these can replace the Queen of Painting (aquarelle). Recently, I started using the the fairly unknown technique of cold wax painting.


Plein Air with Heinz Knapp
Plein Air painting workshop with Heinz Knapp in Wachau, Lower Austria 1999
I love experimenting and am always interested in trying something new.  Nevertheless, there are several recurring themes like a thread, such as certain colors, water and light, my faith and different kinds of dance – hence my artist name Faith-Dance.
Artcross conference 2014
Me at the Artcross conference 2014, painting workshop  with Eva Flatscher

More details in my artist bio.

About this website

I am passionate about helping people to find healing and freedom through the arts, so that they can flourish and live a holistic spirituality which includes artistic expressions of God-given gifts to his glory.


Recurring Topics

* inspirations and encouragement to listen to your inner artist
* books that I found helpful
* personal experiences that shaped who I am today
* quotes
* etc.


About you

I am excited and looking forward to seeing how God will use this website to bless YOU and help YOU flourish.
Thank you for visiting! If you have any questions feel free to contact me here or leave a comment below. Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletters that will provide premium content. I’m looking forward to interacting with many other artists and potential artists who are on a similar journey.



In case you are wondering – no, Faith-Dance is not my real name, but in the English-speaking context it works better than my real name. My first name is usually mispronounced by English speakers to the point that I no longer recognize it. So, Faith-Dance works much better and describes two of my main interests. If ever we meet in person, you can call me [YOU-ta] as in Utah. 😉