LKS Advanced Course 2 Homework

LKS Advanced Course 2 Homework

After the Advanced Course 2 we received again a list of homework to be done at home until the third Advanced Course. This time the goal was to practice what we had learned about drawing the human body and face. Several of these drawings I had done and posted in the context of the 30in30 Challenge in January 2015. Here they are again all together.

Liste of Homework Assignments

  • 7 Portraits in pastels, coal, red chalk or pencil
  • 3 Act studies in various techniques
  • 1 Group of people
  • 1 Expressive / abstracted painting of people in space and nature
  • 1 Self-portrait with the help of a mirror in pencil, coal or red chalk
  • 1 Sheet with several hand studies
  • 1 Sheet with several foot studies


Jean Marc 4 JKPP – Coal Portrait

Jean Marc 4 JKPP – Coal Portrait

This portrait of Jean Marc is the fifth portrait and the fifth contribution to the 30in30 Challenge with Leslie Saeta. Jean Marc is like the others a member of the JKPP (Julia Kay’s Portait Party) on Flickr. The portrait was done with coal on colored paper. He has a very winning smile, don’you think so?

Jean Marc 4 JKPP
Jean Marc 4 JKPP

Jean Marc is a French doctor who works on La Réunion and who belongs to the “Urban Sketchers” gehört. Here you can see his pictures.

LKS Advanced Course 2

LKS Advanced Course 2

The fourth compulsory course of my art study at the Leonardo Kunstakademie Salzburg was all about drawing the human body, with a lot of act and portrait drawing.

Apart from the theoretical introduction we practiced by copying some old masters. This was the program of the first day. The second and third day we practiced act drawing from live models. The fourth and fifth day we focused on portrait drawing, first from live models and then each other.

Here are some example of this course work that hopefully won’t get me into trouble. 😉


LKS Basic Course 2

LKS Basic Course 2

The second class of the two-year study program at Leonardo Art Academy introduced us to color theory, watercolor painting (aquarell), art history and material knowledge.

At the last day of our art course we did one more elaborate piece – first in coal and then in watercolor. It shows a beautiful forest with a small clearing and a stream meandering through it, in which some trees are reflected. Obviously the one in watercolor shows more depth.

Forest Stream 2 Forest Stream 2


Fruit Bowl II

You might recognize this still life – a still life with apples and a banana in a bowl, artistically arranged on a drapery. Yesterday I did it in graphite and today in coal which requires a very different approach for the shading. Good practice!

Fruit Bowl II
Fruit Bowl II

Interlude #1

Presently, I am in the middle of an intensive art course and it is nearly impossible to paint something after class hours. So, I decided to include some drawings from class in my challenge.

The following drawings were done up side down from a printed page. This means you could maybe guess what you are drawing, but most details you did not know what they were. The point was to outwit your left brain. As long as you drew what you saw, without trying to make sense of it, the result was acceptable. I think, I did fairly well.

11 of 30 – Tulips

My painting is on schedule, but my posting is behind. So, here is my painting from Saturday. It is one in a series of experiments in preparation for a bigger painting. One thing that I was trying out, is to layer acrylic paint in a way that you can see other layers. I am quite satisfied with this part. I am still looking for a better way of doing the lines and boundaries. This time I used charcoal.
Tulips Abstract
25 x 35 cm
Acrylic and charcoal on paper