LKS Advanced Course 2 Homework

LKS Advanced Course 2 Homework

After the Advanced Course 2 we received again a list of homework to be done at home until the third Advanced Course. This time the goal was to practice what we had learned about drawing the human body and face. Several of these drawings I had done and posted in the context of the 30in30 Challenge in January 2015. Here they are again all together.

Liste of Homework Assignments

  • 7 Portraits in pastels, coal, red chalk or pencil
  • 3 Act studies in various techniques
  • 1 Group of people
  • 1 Expressive / abstracted painting of people in space and nature
  • 1 Self-portrait with the help of a mirror in pencil, coal or red chalk
  • 1 Sheet with several hand studies
  • 1 Sheet with several foot studies


Kitchen Still Life

My latest drawing was quite a bit of work but now I am happy how it turned out. It is part of my homework for the Leonardo Art Academy. The assignment was a still life with two bottles, one can and two match boxes. I took my oil and vinegar bottles, an empty peanut can, and two match boxes with a Spar logo. I did learn from past experience, to use artificial light, because this does not change during the day. I was not quite prepared that I had so many reflections, both on the bottle and the tin. In the end, that was the fun part. You can even see the reflection of my drawing pad in one bottle.

Kitchen Still Life
Kitchen Still Life

This drawing is also part of the 30in30 Challenge with Leslie Saeta. Due to the homework, I decided to do mostly pencil and ink drawings during this challenge.

Interlude #3

This post will be the last intermezzo. These are the final pieces we had to do on the last day of art class. Basically, the task was to combine everything we learned during the week in rendering the Kleenex and pencils in photo-realism. It was a challenge, but it was also encouraging to see how much we had learned in just a few days.

Exercise 23 Exercise 23

Good thing I did the pencil one first, and then the one with coal which was less work. I need all the patience I can muster for the first one.

Autobiographic in March

In March I made an effort to paint a “real” self-portrait. So far I had only painted some pictures that were indirect self-portraits, such as Phoenix in January.

Here are two self-portraits, that I painted with the help of photos.

The last picture might seem familiar. It is in a sense autobiographical as I had a book as a child, with the title “The Blue Horse” and on it was the painting of Franz Mark. My version of the horse is not blue but white. That’s why I called it the spirit of a famous horse. 😉