Happy New Year!

Wishing you a happy new year!

Tomorrow a new year starts and I want to wish you Happy New Year and many blessings for 2015.

It is now for the third time that I start a new year with a 30 in 30 challenge. Leslie Saeta, an artist from Southern California, is inviting other artists for the fifth time to join her for such a challenge. The goal is set yourself a goal to paint 30 paintings in 30 days. This is a great way to start a new year. And through the networking with other artists it is all the more fun.

So far the challenges took place in January 2013, September 2013, January 2014, and September 2014. I have participated in all of them with varying success.

Until now I don’t see a lot of Europeans who have signed up for the challenge, but this time I am at least not the only Austrian. Alex has decided to join the challenge as an active participant instead of watching it from the side lines. I wish you all the best, success and a lot of fun!

The following collages can give you a glimps of the last three challenges. As you can see, I have not always achieved the goal of 30.

The theme for this next challenge is already given; through the homework I have to do for the art academy. This time it will consist mainly of portraits, act studies, hand and foot studies. And maybe a few paintings for the next exhibition.

Last Three Challenges

Last three 30in30 challenges

Here are my own three collages of the last three 30in30 challenges with Leslie Saeta.

January 2013

This was my first challenge. My goal was to experiment and develop my theme of spirituality. I was fairly new to Acrylics. It was a huge booster for me that I even reached my goal of 30 paintings in 30 days, despite my fragile health at that time.

Collage Jan13


September 2013

A year ago I participated in the second challenge. Like this year, I was on vacation during this time, which somewhat limited my material choices. I was in the middle of series of watercolor landscapes for the exhibition in November 2013. And during the last week of September, I attended the first intensive course of my art study, which left me not much time or choice on what to paint.


Collage Sept13

January 2014

During my third challenge I decided to focus on drawings because that fit my list of assignments that we received from the art academy. Some of the 30 drawings were home work, others were just practice pieces along the same lines.

Collage Jan14

Each collage is different. I had a lot of fun creating them with Picmonkey.

30in30 challenge again

30in30 Challenge

It’s time again – Leslie Saeta is again calling artists to participate in another “30in30 Challenge” during September 2014. The idea is to challenge oneself to paint 30 paintings in 30 days. I have already participated three times (January 2013, September 2013, January 2014). It is always very motivating and encouraging to paint together with so many other artists and share what you painted with each other. This time there are already 800 artists from more than 20 countries who have signed up. The number of participants is growing every time.

The following collages are the paintings hat Leslie Saeta painted during the last challenges.


To participate or not?

I registered when I heard about it but since then had my doubts whether that was a good idea. The thoughts that went through my head:

  • Presently I am on vacation and I was not even sure whether I would have a decent internet connection (it seems to work at the moment).
  • During the last few months I painted a lot but posted very little. So there is a huge backlog of paintings that wait to be presented to you.
  • Recently I was very busy preparing for the next exhibition, and so I felt that I did not need to continue with this kind of stress during my vacation.

I will participate but …

Fortunately there are not fixed rules for the challenge. For most people the main goal is to paint more often. And so I decided to participate along the following guidelines:

  • I will most likely paint smaller paintings, that are not necessarily finished paintings but drafts for bigger paintings. Lately I have painted in larger sizes, mostly 20 x 27.5 inch  and they need of course more time.
  • I want to post not only new ones but also those from the last few months. This means, my main goal is not to paint more often (as for most other participants) but to post more often and reduce the backlog.
  • Since the paintings for my next exhibition are ready, I can now paint just for fun, which is one of the main rules of Leslie anyway.

So, to this effect – let’s get started! I am curious myself, what and how much I will accomplish in September.

If you are an artist too, it is not yet too late to participate. Here you can register.

30in30 Collage

What a great feeling of accomplishment to see all the 30 paintings of the last month! So here is the collage to give you a nice overview as well. As mentioned in the beginning, my goal was to combine it with the homework for art academy. Therefore they are all drawings, mostly with graphite, some with ink or fine-liner, some with red chalk, sepia and or coal and two just for fun on the iPad. Several were portraits for the JKPP (Julia Kay’s Portrait Party) on Flickr. All of them were done to improve my drawing abilities and provided good practice for me.

Collage Jan14


These drawings will not be posted on any website for sale. However, if you would like any of them, I am willing to part with them for a symbolic fee and postage. Just shoot me an email.

Ready, steady, go!

2013 is over in a few hours. And tomorrow begins a new challenge. Not just the challenge of a new year, but another “30 in 30 Challenge” initiated by Leslie Saeta. You can see more details on her blog, but in short it means, aiming to paint 30 painting in 30 days.

30 in 30 jan 2014

Last year I participated for the first time, and in September 2013 a second time. I always found it incredibly motivating to do it together with so many other artists. There are already more than 300 signed up. There is also the additional exposure by being able to post each day’s painting on Leslie’s blog and at the same time seeing what others have painted.

Last year I did mostly acrylic paintings with many having a spiritual topic. In September my theme was watercolor landscapes. This time I will do mostly pencil and ink drawings. Thereby I can kill two birds with one stone – the drawings are my homework for my art study at Leonardo Kunstakademie. The next course will be in February.

Last but not least, I wish all my readers many blessings for the new year 2014!!!

30in30 Challenge Collage

I had good intentions of doing some more watercolor paintings yesterday and today, but it did not work out. Too many other things needed my attention. Now September is coming to an end and with the the 30in30 Challenge. Upon reflection, I realized I did reach my goal. Even though I did not paint 30 watercolors as planned, in the end I did post 30 pictures – 20 watercolors and 10 drawings from my art class. Yeah! I did it! It was a lot of fun and a great stimulation.

The end of the challenge is not the end of my landscape series. I will continue to paint more landscape watercolors in October since they will be the topic of my next exhibition in November in Vienna, Austria. Stay tuned for more posts and more details about the exhibition.

Collage Sept13