Graduation Exhibition

Graduation Exhibition

After two years and many courses our art study at the Leonardo Kunstakademie Salzburg is coming to an end. We are celebrating this with a graduation exhibition this weekend. During the opening ceremony we will also receive our certificates.

Besides our examination paintings (which you can see on the invitation below), we will also display several selected paintings which Prof. Baier chose among all the paintings we produced during these two years.

My colleagues and graduation colleagues of the study course XVIII are the following:

The opening ceremony and presentation of certificates will take place on Saturday, November 14, 2015 at 6 pm in Schloss Mattsee, Austria (5163 Mattsee, Schlossberg 1, Diabellisaal). The exhibition is open for the public until Sunday, November 15, 2015, from 9 am to 4 pm.

All are invited to celebrate with us.

Einladung Abschluss-Ausstellung Seite 1
Einladung Abschluss-Ausstellung Seite 1
Einladung Abschluss-Ausstellung Seite 2
Einladung Abschluss-Ausstellung Seite 2

Exhibition in Upper Austria “En Route”

Exhibition in Upper Austria “En Route”

In three weeks the exhibition “Unterwegs” (en route) will be opened in Wels, Upper Austria.

Unterwegs Exhibition

This is a group exhibition of Marten Berger, Jutta Blühberger, Bernd Friedmann, Judith Lanz, Anna Mayer, Jochen Mayer, Solomon Okpurukhre, Beate Riepl, and Fritz Wolf.

The opening of the exhibition will be on Saturday, February, 28th 2015 at 7pm, at the Galerie Nöfa (Anzengruberstraße 8-10, 4600 Wels, Upper Austria. Tel.: +43 7242 35 1 36-0).

We are nine Christian artists who have met along the road and want to share a part of their journey with each other and you. The exhibition wants to be a road sign to the good road that lead to the Father house.

Video: Exhibition Graz-Eggenberg

Video: Exhibition Graz-Eggenberg

Last week my exhibition in Graz-Eggenberg, (Styria, Austria) “Dance of the Trees – unmovable and yet moved” was opened by a ‘Vernissage’ (private viewing). The following is a short video clip with impressions from the opening, mostly taken before the start of the program.

Vernissage Graz-Eggenberg from Faith Dance on Vimeo.

On Thursday, November 13, 2014, the exhibition of my paintings “Dance of the Trees – unmovable and yet moved” was opened with a Vernissage (private viewing). During this evening, which had been organized by the Protestant Women’s Association under the leadership of Johanna Liebeg, Ulrike Stroh read from her own books and Kordelia Haberkorn-Kaduku provided the musical background on the barock organ of the church.

The paintings, poetry and music were complementing each other beautifully. Even though we had not consulted each other, there was great harmony. The approx. 35-40 visitors had a great time and enjoyed many good conversations after the official program. A tasty buffet contributed to our physical well-being. It was an all in all felicitous evening.

Exhibition Graz-Eggenberg

The exhibition is open until November 28, 2014.
Opening times; Mo-Fr 8-12 am, Tu 3-6 pm,Su 8-11 am

Addresse: Evangelische Kirche Graz-Eggenberg, Burenstraße 9, 8020 Graz, Austria

Life and Death – Acrylic Painting

Life and Death – Acrylic Painting

This acrylic painting is much larger than all my previous paintings – it is 120 x 100 cm (48 x 40 in). I did it during a LKS class on large-scale paintings. Even transporting the big (deep edge) canvas was a challenge. We learned a lot of what needs to be considered when painting this large.

My painting shows the contrast between death and life. The middle part shows the “Tree of Life” illuminating the scene like a sun, a river in flowing past it to the foreground, green meadows. At the border to the sections that symbolize death, there are trees that are in part full of leaves and part bare of any life, with dry leaves under the tree, the stream becomes a dry river bed, filled with stones, the meadows turn into dry ground, and the human being turns into a skeleton.

Tree of Life - Acrylic Painting
Tree of Life – Acrylic Painting

This painting is presently exhibited in Bad Schallerbach, Upper Austria. After the exhibition it will be for sale. Please contact me here if you are interested. You can buy canvas prints, posters and greeting cards here.

Vernissage Bad Schallerbach

Vernissage Bad Schallerbach

Vernissage means opening of an art exhibition. My exhibition in Bad Schallerbach (Upper Austria) was opened yesterday by such a Vernissage. We had a wonderful evening. It was a lot of work to prepare and not easy, due to my torn back (lumbago), but in the end it was all worth it. It would not have been possible without the help of many friends.  Two recent acquaintances, Karlheinz und Monika, helped with leading through the program and interviewing me. My neighbors Birgit and Ute prepared great snacks and helped with serving drinks. Carmen Graf provided the musical ambiance.

We had more visitors than expected. Some drove even more than an hour to participate in the Vernissage and a good time was had by all. I was blessed to see many long-term friends as well as locals from Bad Schallerbach and people visiting for their medical spa treatment. Bad Schallerbach is a famous spa center and place for medical spa treatments.


Dancing Birch Self-portrait – Gouache Painting

Dancing Trees

My upcoming exhibition has the title “The Dance of Trees” and as a result, I tried different ways to express the moving character of trees.

Dancing Birch Self-portrait

This painting of a birch that dances started out as a self-portrait. During a Christian art congress the participants of our painting class got 30 minutes to paint something that represents them.

The dancing birch was the result of these 30 minutes, even though I later went over it in more detail.

Birch Dance

Why a dancing birch?

The title of the exhibition combines two of my loves – trees and dance.

I love trees – sometimes I say that I have a “Dogmatix-Soul” because like him I am saddened about every cut tree. Birches (as well as beeches) have a special place in my heart. I sometimes call birches “my sisters”.

And of course, I love dance – that’s why I chose “Faith-Dance” as my artist name.

That’s why I felt that a dancing birch would be a good way of presenting myself. I was very moved by the remarks of my class-mates as they tried to interpret the original painting, because so many things were spot on about me.

The original 30 minute painting was done with watercolor; the final painting was done with gouache on top of it. The painting is on a thin passepartout board, size 20 x 27.5in (50×70 cm).

You can buy prints and posters of it here.

Upcoming Exhibition – Dance of Trees

Upcoming Exhibition – Dance of Trees

Even though most of you won’t have the opportunity to visit my next exhibition in Upper Austria, I still want to let you know about it. Here is the front of the invitation:

Einladung Vorderseite für die Ausstellung in Graz-Eggenberg
Invitation Graz-Eggenberg

The theme of the exhibition will be “Dance of the Trees – unmovable and yet moved”. It combines two of my loves – dance and trees. I will soon post some of the paintings that will be displayed during the exhibition.

The opening will be on Friday September 19, 2014 at 7 pm at the Atrium Foyer, 4701 Bad Schallerbach, Upper Austria, with musical contributions from Carmen Graf. The exhibition can be visited every day from 9 am to 5 pm until October 29, 2014.

30in30 Challenge Collage

I had good intentions of doing some more watercolor paintings yesterday and today, but it did not work out. Too many other things needed my attention. Now September is coming to an end and with the the 30in30 Challenge. Upon reflection, I realized I did reach my goal. Even though I did not paint 30 watercolors as planned, in the end I did post 30 pictures – 20 watercolors and 10 drawings from my art class. Yeah! I did it! It was a lot of fun and a great stimulation.

The end of the challenge is not the end of my landscape series. I will continue to paint more landscape watercolors in October since they will be the topic of my next exhibition in November in Vienna, Austria. Stay tuned for more posts and more details about the exhibition.

Collage Sept13