Sorry, for neglecting you!  That is the first time for some time that I did not post anything for a whole week. Life got kind of too busy.

For the longest time I have been thinking about doing an irregular blog post similar to Angie’s “Trail Mix” series. It is a fun way of giving you a glimpse into the bits and pieces that are part of everyday life. At the same time I have been looking for a good and catchy title for such a post category. What comes to my mind immediately is the German word “Sammelsurium.”

LEO offers the following translations for “Sammelsurium“:

  • conglomeration,
  • salmagundi,
  • smorgasbord,
  • mingle-mangle,
  • omnium-gatherum.

The only one I have ever heard before is “Smorgarsbord” as a kind of Swedish buffet. I understand that it can mean an odd collection, similar to the German word Sammelsurium. I also thought of “Stone collection” even though the correct word might be “rock collection.” But a stone collection could include both meanings: a collection of precious stones (positive experiences), or stones that cause your shoes to pinch (painful experiences).

Now I need your help. Which of the words do you like best or find appropriate? Or do you have any other suggestions?