En Route – Exhibition 2015

En Route – Exhibition 2015

This was my first group exhibition. The other participants were Marten Berger, Bernd Friedmann, Judith Lanz, Anna Mayer, Jochen Mayer, Solomon Okpurukhre, Beate Riepl, and Fritz Wolf.

On the way with Immanuel

Our theme was “On the Way” or “En Route” and my sub-topic was “On the way with Immanuel”. The eight pictures which I contributed were all based on personal experiences. That’s why there was a longer text accompanying each picture to tell the story.

The paintings were all painted in the same technique – cold wax painting – and constituted the beginning of a new series.

To be continued – but later than planned

Originally I wanted to extend this series to 30 pictures during the course of the same year, but life happened. Different circumstances made it impossible and so it took more than two years before I painted further pictures for this series, but in a different technique. (For the same reasons, this portfolio entry is only now being created, in 2017).

Dance of Trees – Exhibition 2014

Dance of Trees – Exhibition theme in 2014.

This is a little overview of the paintings that were shown during my exhibitions in 2014. The theme was “Dance of Trees – standing firm and yet moved”. My aim was partly to give a homage to our co-creatures – the trees – picturing them in various stages of moved-ness. Also it was a combination of two central themes in my life – my love for dance and my love for trees.

This was now the second series of paintings, after the series of watercolor landscapes in 2013.

The exhibition was displayed twice – in September in Bad Schallerbach, Upper Austria with 40+ painting on display, and in November in Graz-Eggenberg, Styria, with about 25 on display.

In 30 days around the world – Exhibition 2013

In 30 days around the world.

This was the title of an exhibition in November 2013 that featured mostly watercolor landscapes sized 16 x 12 in. It started with a series of Dutch landscapes but eventually included images from China to Hawaii. The majority is based on my own photographs, but there are also several based on vacation pics from friends and family.

Watercolor Landscapes.

The following series of watercolors was started in August 2013 during a vacation time in the Netherlands and ended with the exhibition in November 2013. A couple of landscapes were added in early 2014. It was my first attempt of a series.  Some paintings sold before the exhibition or were commissioned. All paintings are in the format of 16 by 12 inches. Even though I started with the goal to paint 12 landscapes from the Netherlands to be used for a calendar, in the end the landscapes were from all around the world, from China to Hawaii. This led to the exhibition title “In 30 paintings around the world.” Most of them are based on plein air painting or my own photographs. A few were based on other people’s vacation pictures.

Paintings from three Worlds – Exhibition 2011

Paintings from Three Worlds – Exhibition 2011.

“Paintings from Three Worlds – African, European, Spiritual Images in Watercolor and Pastels” was the exhibition topic in 2011. It was my first solo exhibition that was opened by a “Vernissage” (private viewing) on October 14, 2011. It took place under the auspices of district leader Hermine Mospointner, but she was unable to attend herself.

The exhibition had the three sections mentioned in the title – paintings with African motives, European motives, and spiritual symbolism. Here is a selection of the paintings:

African Motives:

European Motives:

Spiritual Motives:

Early Works

My Early Works.

Early Works refers to those paintings that were produced starting in 1998 until approx. 2012.

The reawakening of my inner artist happened in 1998. Finally my dream came true and I could attend a painting class in watercolor (Aquarell). Due to my work in Africa and frequent traveling this was not so easy. It was a weekend course near Siegen, Germany. Finally I could put the watercolor box of my grandfather to good use, which I had cleaned lovingly (but a little too much), and refurnished with new naps. To my own surprise, in the two days of painting for the first time, I produced eight paintings that turned out amazingly well.

After that I painted whenever there was a an opportunity, but often I only had time during vacation. A couple of books kept me inspired and gav eme new ideas, but on the whole I was basically self-taught.

This phase ended when I started painting with acrylic paint at the end of 2012. It was around the same time, that I also decided to get serious about my art.