Recent Works

This album is a collection of Recent Works. I am trying to keep them as up-to-date as possible, but for this reason I will post the images without explanation.

I am currently working on three different series, which are reflected in the three galleries below – the latest series is first in the list.

1) Fluid Art

Since the end of 2017 I have been working and experimenting in the field of fluid art and acrylic pouring technique. Later I enhanced and embelished many of these paintings. Most of the pictures are rather abstract, while others have spiritual themes.

2) Austrian Lakescapes

The series is painted using the acrylic painting knive technique. I started it during my cure near Weißensee in Carinthia in summer 2015. I love every kind of water surface and lakes especially.

3) On the way with Immanuel

This series is painted with the cold wax technique (a kind of pastel painting) which I started at the end of 2014. The first paintings were already part of a group exhibition in the gallery Nöfa in Wels. The corresponding personal stories can be found in the blog.


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