Finding your calling

Finding your calling

I just came across a blog entry on Gracious Uncertainty by Wayne Jacobsen and wanted to share the following paragraph with you:

A college student asked me Sunday night how someone could know what their calling is. I had answered that the best way to know our calling is to simply wake up every day in the love of the Father, and then let that love spill out of us through the day as we respond to the opportunities that cross our paths. Eventually we’ll find ourselves smack in the middle of what gives him and us so much pleasure. We mostly know our calling by looking back and seeing how God has fulfilled himself in us, rather than figuring it out in advance and setting a strategy to get there.

We are so trained to plan everything, and so we always want to figure things out in advance, instead of following the Lord step-by-step. Sometimes I wonder if this is because we like to be independent and therefore don’t want to depend on God’s daily guidance either.

I think it is challenging to learn to “live from the heart Jesus gave us” but it is a good thing to learn to follow this heart.