Claudia 4 JKPP – Pencil Portrait

Claudia 4 JKPP – Pencil Portrait

The sixth portrait is from Claudia, also a JKPP member, who can be found on Flickr under “Heal and Inspire”. I have made a portrait of her already once, a year ago, but from a younger version of herself. You can find the post here.

For a change I decided to do a portrait in pencil. In a way, I have the impression, that this is the medium in which I am best at doing the shading.

Claudia 4 JKPP
Claudia 4 JKPP

Claudia lives in Berlin, Germany, and you can find her Flickr page here.

First painting – First portrait – Pauline 4 JKPP

First painting – First portrait – Pauline 4 JKPP

And here is my first painting for the 30in30 Challenge in January 2015 with Leslie Saeta – a portrait for JKPP. That’s a Flickr group to which I belong, where we portrait each other. JKPP stands for “Julia Kay’s Portrait Party” and you will hear this abbreviation more often during the coming weeks.

Pauline 4 JKPP
Pauline 4 JKPP

Pauline is an artist who lives in Ottawa, Canada. Here you can see her paintings.